3 Zodiac Signs Who Confront People Who Ghost Them Every Time

You’ve been chatting for weeks. You seem to have great chemistry. You talk about going on a date. And then… POOF. Suddenly, the only response you get to your texts is radio silence. Sound familiar? Then I’m sorry to say you’ve probably been ghosted (unless, of course, your crush is lost at sea or got their phone stomped on by an elephant stampede). Some people might be willing to accept this and move on. Others… not so much. There are certain zodiac signs who confront people who ghost them without fail, because to them, ghosting isn’t just lame — it’s a personal affront.


As Thomas Edwards, founder of The Professional Wingman, previously explained to Elite Daily, ghosters tend to be non-confrontational individuals who struggle with expressing themselves. “Some people even have an inability to communicate what they want… so instead of voicing these things, they think it’s easier to avoid it all together,” he said. However, the signs who always call out ghosters are the total opposite: They never shy away from confrontation, and they have zero problem saying what’s on their mind. If you’re one of these three zodiac signs, then chances are you never let a ghoster get off easy.

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